Booking Gigs

Montanya Distillers has become a well-known, well-loved and well-respected music venue in Crested Butte. Over the years, we’ve learned what works in our space and what our customers enjoy. If you’re interested in playing at Montanya, please read the following guidelines below before getting in touch. When you’re ready, email

+ Who We Book

We love to book acoustic acts who play their own music. We don’t host cover musicians—we know you’re talented, but we’ve become known for having a great selection of styles and high-quality performers who promote and sell their own talents. We are best for acoustic sets rather than serious, electric, full drum kit sets.

+ When We Book Musicians

We host live music all year round during après-ski/après-adventure hours in summer and winter from 6-9 pm. We book music on any day of the week from December 15th to April 5th (winter season) and June 15th to October 1st (summer/fall season). Our busiest nights are Thursday-Saturday. We will book music in the off-season but please know that we are less busy then. We actively book for the summer season in late April and May, and for the winter season in October and early November.

+ How It Works

Because of the size of our space, we look for groups of up to four performers. Our shows are always 6-9 pm, and bands are welcome to double book themselves with a second 10 or 10:30 pm local gig elsewhere if they prefer.

We have become known for how hard we work to take care of musicians. We pay bands and musicians a percentage of our bar take—typically 10% for a three- to four-person band, 8% for a duo act, and 5%+ for a solo musician. Our cocktails are all $10+ each, which means musicians do way better than a "PBR" percentage.

We don’t offer a guarantee for our bands unless there is a special event involved. That said, we never charge a cover, so our musicians tend to do really well on tips and CD/Merch sales. We also provide food and cocktails for all band members, although not traveling companions.

+ Why bands come back to Montanya

Our venue is busy and vibrant—great exposure to a great fan base most of the time. As bands become known in CB and have a draw of their own, we are able to pay more and provide a guarantee to bring back our favorites. :) We have also been known to send along some rum for the road to sweeten the deal. Feel free to ask us.

+ How to Book a Gig

To request a booking, email us at with links to your music and suggest dates (see our calendar for available dates). We'll have a listen and make sure you or your band are a good fit for our venue. (As we said above, we only book bands playing their own original music.)

+ Once Your Gig Is Booked

For best results, here are some ways to promote your show at Montanya:

-Send us a photo and short bio as soon as you book so we promote your show on Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website (which we do, with good results).

-The local radio station often features our musicians for a live in-studio performance if time allows. Contact Tyler Lucas at KBUT.

-Please notify our local paper, the Crested Butte News, of your appearance and send in a photo and short bio two weeks before the show ( Doing this yourself ensures that the paper has exactly the info you want to profile and helps locals and visitors plan to attend. Our newspaper schedule often gets picked up by other local blogs and media too.

-Please feel free to tag us on Facebook (Montanya Distillers), Instagram (@montanyarum), Reverbnation (Montanya Distillers) and Twitter (montanyarum) when you promote your schedule. You can also tag us

We do not hang posters so don't bother taking the time and resources to send them.

Also, please note that we do not have an in-house PA/sound system so you must bring your own sound. We do have a patch into our whole house sound system to pipe you outside onto the sidewalk (which brings people in the door) and upstairs to the second floor. We have the patch cords for your soundboard.

We don't provide band accommodations. We do provide recommendations and support as needed—referrals for discounted rooms, local deals, a cramped loft to crash in if all else fails, camping recommendations in summer, RV parking options.

If you will be filing a performance notification with any music licensing entities like ASCAP or BMI or playing covers, you absolutely must notify us in advance so we can assure and handle music licensing compliance.

If you’d like to see what dates are available or the kinds of bands that play at Montanya, please visit our calendar. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you! Just email