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Obsessively crafted, Pot distilled, Single Barrel

American Rum

One of the Finest American Rums

We make the rum that we love to drink: barrel aged, smooth and not sweet, low on funky esters, and full of flavors that are naturally produced not added. Turns out we’re not alone. Since 2008, Montanya Rums have earned 24 gold, silver and double-gold medals, including “Best Rum in the World” at the World Rum Awards and “USA Rum of the Year” at the Berlin International Spirits Competition. We think the secret to our rum’s success lies in the quality, American ingredients in every bottle and our commitment to time-honored, high-mountain traditions.

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American Made with American Ingredients

  • Distilled, aged, and bottled in Crested Butte, Colorado

  • Made with Louisiana sugar cane grown by Families we know personally and love greatly

  • Bottled with water from a snowmelt-fed aquifer right below the Barrel House and bottling facility

  • Finished with the tiniest* touch of Colorado honey

(*We’re talking tiny—less than .04% of every bottle. The acidity of the honey brings out the natural flavors of the sugar cane and the barrels.)


High-mountain rum

A Longstanding Tradition


When we started making rum in the mountains, we got a few (okay, many) raised eyebrows. Doesn’t rum come from the Caribbean? Isn’t it meant for the beach?

Not always. Our founder Karen Hoskin discovered the high-mountain tradition of rum making many years ago, in Guatemala. Mountain rum is actually a longstanding tradition.

Well-respected rum makers in Guatemala, Colombia and Panama actually carry their rums into the mountains to age.

At altitude, daily and seasonal changes in temperature and barometric pressure force more rum in and out of the oak barrels, allowing it to age more effectively.

This means more flavor characteristics in the wood transfer into the spirit. 

Thankfully, our home in Crested Butte, Colorado is nearly 9,000 feet above sea level. Our rums benefit from the effects of altitude without our having to carry the barrels up the mountain!


The Bottling Facility and Barrel House is nearly 9,000 feet above sea level in Crested Butte, Colorado.


Why We Love Tradition


We batch distill in the mountains using alembic copper pot stills over open flames, following in the footsteps of the earliest rum makers. These traditions add something hard to measure but so central to the way we make unique, American rum: the human element. Because distilling is more than a science. It’s also an art.


Montanya Rums



Unlike many light rums, barrel aging gives the Platino a unique smoothness and complex flavors. Platino is aged for one year (and often longer) in American White Oak barrels that previously held Laws Colorado Whiskey and Montanya Oro. At bottling time, the tiniest touch of Colorado honey brings out the rum’s natural flavors, while a coconut husk carbon filter removes color. Free of the cloying sweetness of added sugar and flavorings, the flavors prominent in the Platino include biscotti, cream soda, cardamom, coffee, vanilla and pepper.

The Platino has been awarded a Double Gold, 9 gold medals and 2 best in class designations in international competitions, as well as "Best White Rum" at the World Rum Awards, UK 2015. Available in 750 ml in 6 bottle case and 50 ml bottles in 60 bottle case.



Aged for one year in an American White Oak barrel that previously held Laws Colorado Whiskey. Because the barrel is wet and fresh from the whiskey, the Oro is more full-bodied and picks up more flavor from the oak than our Platino. This rum is never carbon filtered, so the natural color of the barrel remains, along with a slight bit of color from the tiniest touch of local honey (the honey’s acidity brings out the natural flavors of the rum and the barrel). Unlike many dark aged rums, the Oro never receives added sugar, molasses caramel or artificial colorings/flavorings. Flavors prominent in the Oro include red chili, coffee, caramel, vanilla, pineapple, and chocolate.

The Oro was named USA Rum of the Year in Berlin and has received 8 Silver medals and one "Best In Class" designation in competition. Available in 750 ml in 6 bottle case and 50 ml bottles in 60 bottle case.



Longer aging gives this Montanya Rum an incredible smoothness and makes it a connoisseur’s sipper. The Exclusiva is a limited release currently available in Colorado and Illinois. It was barrel aged for a total of three years—two and a half in an American White Oak barrel that previously held Colorado whiskey, followed by six months in a French Oak barrel that previously aged Sutcliffe Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and Port. This three-year aged rum has a dry, tannic finish that is very rare in aged rums. The flavor profile is extremely complex as cinnamon meets red wine, honey meets vanilla, and none of the above overwhelm your palate with sweetness. Plus, no added sugar.

The Exclusiva won a gold medal at the Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards and is perfect for a Rum Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Ti' Punch, or sipping straight.



This limited 10th Anniversary release is not currently available, but we look forward to periodic releases in celebration of company anniversaries to come. The Aniversaria is characterized by its rare triple maturation process in which 100% of the liquid was barrel aged for four years—three and a half years in an American White Oak barrel that previously aged Laws Colorado Bourbon plus an additional four months in a French Oak barrel that previously aged Sutcliffe Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and Port. The final finishing barrel of American White Oak previously held Peach Street Bourbon. This rum is wonderfully unique and smooth, with a slightly sweeter finish than the Exclusiva due to the triple maturation process and fruity notes of tart cherry and peach in the finishing barrel. The flavor profile is complex and long lasting.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this rum went to support two non-profit partners: The Women's Distillery Guild (now a part of Women of the Vine & Spirits) and The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory.

As we strive as an industry to understand the various styles of rum on offer to consumers, Montanya Rum has been one of the leading brands from the USA championing real American rum. Made from sugar cane, its taste profile, style and integrity has helped me, as The Global Ambassador for the rum category, to educate & share knowledge of the true diversity of rum.
— Ian A.V. Burrell, International Rum Expert, Educator and Ambassador

A note on Montanya Rum prices: You may have noticed we didn’t list them with each product. We do our best to work with distributors and make Montanya Rums available for $24.99—$59.99, but there are many factors that affect the price in each state and country. Most of the variables are outside of our control, like state regulations, state taxes, and freight and shipping rates and distances. Please look for Montanya Rums here (and know that we’re always working to make it easier to find!).

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