At Montanya Distillers, we receive many requests and inquiries about renting our venue for parties, special events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, fundraisers, and more. We wish we could say "YES" to every request! Here is a list of the types of events we’re able to accommodate:


Since we close our Tasting Room by 9:30pm, Montanya is a great place to host a private party that starts at 9 or 10pm. Maybe a dance party with live music or a DJ? A cocktail gathering after your wedding? You name it, we want to hear your ideas. Bring in a DJ, performer or band, push away the furniture to make a dance floor, mingle among our beautiful stills! Even bring on a costume party or theme party.

Sunday Morning Brunch

For a baby shower, a wedding-related breakfast or brunch, a special family gathering, etc! Bring in your own favorite caterer, decorate our space as you wish, request morning cocktails like our Bloody Mary (fresh-made in house), a full Bloody Mary bar, and The Morning Brunch cocktail (all fresh squeezed juices) and more. These are scheduled between 9am and 11am.



This is one of the ways that Montanya Distillers most effectively supports our community. Let us host your fundraiser or invite us to donate cocktails or rum for your non-profit fundraiser. We will even bartend and design cocktails! We don't say yes to every request but we try!

Cocktail Catering:

Owner and Founder Karen Hoskin at a  Crested Butte Film Festival  event. Photo credit: KiKiM Photography.

Owner and Founder Karen Hoskin at a Crested Butte Film Festival event. Photo credit: KiKiM Photography.

We'd LOVE to come to your wedding, private party or liquor-licensed event to make cocktails on site. July is not the best month for this given how busy we get, but many other times we can say yes. Our mixologists and bartenders specialize in Montanya Rum cocktails (of course) but we even design cocktails and bartend for our signature Colorado Cocktail Bar in which all offerings are made with Colorado spirits, wine and beer from our favorite Colorado distilleries, wineries and breweries. What an amazing thing to offer for a destination wedding or a visiting group. We partner with Mountain Spirits of Crested Butte who retails the spirits, wines and beers not made by Montanya Distillers ourselves.

Rehearsal Dinners and Weddings:

We are definitely not the best wedding and rehearsal dinner venue in Crested Butte, unless it is the off-season. We are small (56 people seated, 75 people in a casual mingling setting) and we don't typically cater the food—only cocktails and appetizers—although we partner with great caterers. We are a working distillery with lots of equipment permanently installed, which looks very cool but takes up space. We also prefer to keep our doors to the public during our regular business hours in the high seasons, and it takes a facility fee to make it worth our while to turn our regular customers away. We don't have banquet tables, plates and flatware, linens, etc. That said, if this is the best, coolest place for you and your group, we will always consider your inquiry. If we say yes, it will be AWESOME. All things are possible, after all. :)

Each event is custom designed.  Let us know how our beautiful building might help you to realize your vision! (Are you a band looking to play live music at Montanya Distillers? This page is for you.)