Cocktail Recipe Books

Montanya Distillers Reimagines Rum in New Cocktail Books

Elevated Cocktails: Craft Bartending with Montanya Rum Volumes I & II give readers inspiring rum cocktail ideas and share the breathtaking Colorado scenery Montanya Distillers calls home.

From the beginning, Montanya has been as much about making great rum cocktails as it is about making great rum. Co-founder and mixologist maven Karen Hoskin decided to capture the imagination of the cocktail, along with the beauty of the Colorado mountains, in these books. The books each include more than 30 rum cocktail and infusion recipes, along with food pairing ideas and beautiful photography of cocktails and spectacular mountain scenery surrounding the distillery.

These books capture what I adore: the beauty of Colorado, rum that breaks the mold and cocktails that elevate rum to the esteem it deserves. The recipes in this book are a reflection of the creative environment in which we work every day at Montanya. Montanya’s rum bar is our cocktail laboratory and this book allows people to enjoy Montanya rum long after they’ve left our bar.
— Karen Hoskin, author

The recipes are tried and true, tested on thousands of drinkers in Montanya’s bar each year. They are approachable for home bartending novices, as well as experienced bartenders looking for new ideas.  

Recipes in the books include:

·       Maharaja – our bar's most popular cocktails and an ode to Hoskin’s love for the flavors and aromas of India and to her deep adoration for cocktails that balance spice with sweet

·       Bay Manhattan – A Montanya twist on an old classic cocktail, which gives this drink the perfect balance

·       White Room – A local favorite at Montanya Distillers that uses vanilla infused Montanya Platino rum

·       Habanero Pineapple infusion – A Montanya Platino rum infusion that completes Hoskin’s Fiery Passion cocktail

·       Hottanya – A buttered rum drink perfect for a cold winter day

·       Bulletproof Coffee — Karen’s take on this popular coffee drink, transforming it from morning to night with Montanya Oro Rum

Books books are available in our online store and at Montanya Distillers’ tasting room in Crested Butte, Colo., where they are also packaged into gift baskets with Montanya Rum, Montanya Cocktail Bitters, logo glassware and other fun items.